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Septic Inspection Abilene TXA “septic system,” also referred to as a private, on-site waste disposal system, receives wastewater and solids from a home’s plumbing facilities (bathrooms, kitchens, shower, laundry), treats, and then disposes of the effluent from this waste, by letting it absorb into soils at the property. Schedule your Septic Inspection Abilene TX Today!

Properly designed and installed these systems are functional and sanitary. Private septic systems serve more homes in the U.S. and many other countries than any other waste disposal method. But the components are costly and do not have an indefinite life.

Septic effluent treatment is accomplished by bacterial action in the “septic” or “treatment” tank and it is mostly accomplished by bacteria in the soil around and below the effluent absorption system, or “drain field.” This bacterial action is needed to reduce the level of pathogens in the effluent discharges from the waste system into the soil. The principal components of a private on-site waste disposal system usually include the following:

  • Piping connecting the building to the treatment tank
  • A septic or treatment tank which retains solid waste
  • Piping connecting and conducting clarified effluent from the treatment tank to a distribution box
  • Distribution box connecting the effluent line from the tank to the absorption system or “drain field”
  • Absorption system which permits effluent to drain to soils below
  • Bio-mat or bio-mass of pathogen-digesting bacteria which form in the soil below the absorption system.
  • Many variations on this general scheme are used, depending on local climate, soil conditions, available space, economy, and available materials.

In order for the septic system to be checked, the house must have been occupied within the last 30 days. Schedule your Septic Inspection Abilene TX Today!

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